Best of the Fests

This block features award winners from our Web Series Festival friends around the world such as Berlin Web Fest, Dublin Web Fest, Vancouver Web Fest and Sicily Web Fest.


Country: Germany

Episode Length: 5 mins

Creators: Axel Ricke, Henning Ricke, Daniel Raboldt

TubeHeads is a fast paced, anarchic and visually stunning puppet-comedy web series. The TubeHeads take a crashing, nerdy joyride through today's popular culture.


Countries: Italy/France

Episode Length: 6 mins

Creator: Svevo Moltrasio

The misadventures of two Italians expats living the dream in Paris, although they start to live the culture clash nightmare of living abroad.

Johnny Hunter : Migrant Watcher

Country: France

Episode Length: 6 mins

Creators: Ambroise Carminati & Andréa Vistoli

Invented by Médecins Sans Frontières and ET BIM, fictional anti-hero Johnny personifies the brutality, absurdity and contradictions of Europe’s migration policies.

That's My DJ - Season 2

Country: Canada

Episode Length: 10 mins

Creator: D.W. Waterson

Meagan, a promoter and power player in the electronic scene, decides to start her own event Home Brew. Everything is going her way until she meets Hannah, a powerhouse DJ babe who completely derails her with their intoxicating lightning-in-a-bottle chemistry.


Country: Argentina

Episode Length: 6 mins

Creator: Güido Simonetti

A man try to rescue his girlfriend from human traffickers and sexual abuse, but the viewer of the web series is the one who choose among 8 endings.

The Hurler

Country: Ireland

Episode Length: 13 mins

Creator: Tony Kelly

The Hurler is a mockumentary that tells the story of Ireland's most notorious sports star, Gar Campion.

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