Life on Film

This block is dedicated to the various walks of life depicted in Web Series from around the world. Ranging from a Sammy Davis Jr impersonator in I Gotta Be Me to an Israeli hairdresser in Hani's Barber Shop!

Hani’s Barber Shop

Country: Israel

Episode Length: 5 mins

Creator: Tomer Werechson

Hani is a 35 years old single hairdresser that is struggling between her two biggest dreams: being a successful, well known hairdresser and finding true love.

I Gotta Be Me

Countries: UK/Cyprus

Episode Length: 5 mins

Creators: Phaldut Sharma, Steven Bloomer

World Premiere

A frustrated soap star joins an ex-pat tribute show for the chance to portray his idol, Sammy Davis Jr. A cocktail of fact and fiction, suntans and swing.


Country: UK

Episode Length: 5 mins

Creators: Rebecca Jade Hammond, Alex Brammer.

Newbie vlogger, Lissa, attempts to join the digirati after accidentally going viral; only to discover that being a YouTube sensation isn’t all it's cracked up to be.

The Play Of My Life

Country: Argentina

Episode Length: 13 mins

Creators: Natalia Maldini, Jorge Pinarello, Cristian Ponce, Mauricio Aché

World Premiere

The Play Of My Life" is a comedy that tells the story of a young artist in the midst of a professional and personal crisis. Loaded with attractive narrative resources, and cinematographic references to popular Argentinian culture.

Self-Help Junkie

Country: USA

Episode Length: 4 mins

Creator: Michelle Colston

Festival Premiere

The “Self-Help Junkie” is up to her 7th chakra in identity crisis, and is v-logging her way through every self-help workbook and spiritual colon-cleanse she can find on her mission to become as awesome as possible.

Jade Dragon

Country: UK

Episode Length: 4 mins

Creator: Jackdaw

Festival Premiere

The Chinese Takeaway is the natural habitat of the Chinese Person, and the TV crew documenting the quotidian comings and goings at Jade Dragon are looking forward to encountering some typical members of the model minority. Imagine their dismay when the staff of Jade Dragon turn out to be as English as a yorkie pud.

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