TV PIlots



TV Pilots – Block 2 (15)

Sat 18th May, 17:10 – No.70 Oxford Street

90 mins – Free Admission

At Pilot Light TV Festival, we champion the discovery of the next generation of talent in episodic storytelling. We aim to give the creators behind these under-seen projects the platform to get their TV Pilot or Web Series in front of Industry members and TV fans. This year we proudly present another amazing selection of shows, all of which have ‘the next big thing’ written all over them.

*All events and guests subject to change, refunds only offered in cases of event cancellation*

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Kappa Force

Creator: Addison Heimann/US/46 mins

A pilot episode about five sorority sisters fighting the patriarchy, one frat boy at a time. Think Community meets Undeclared with a fresh feminist twist.


The Motherload

Creator: Loani Arman/AUS/7 mins

A reckless 25-year-old woman has her life gate-crashed by the daughter she gave for adoption ten years ago. 



Creator: Karen Graci/US/31 mins

Sam is a sharp but indecisive millennial, torn between what a professional should be and what she is. When Sam is promoted ahead of her older and more experienced best friend Angie, unspoken tensions about class, age and sex erupt, jeopardising the personal and professional relationships of everyone in the office.