SEASON 5: The Digital Special

august 15-16 2020


We are proud to present Season 5: The Digital Special! 2 days of the best in new TV Pilots and Web Series, curated by us, streamed straight to your home!


We're unable to bring you our festival in the traditional manner due to COVID-19 but we're very excited to bring you an eclectic selection featuring 23 of the best new independent series from around the world, available to watch from August 15th-16th onwards (for one week) with some surprises along the way!   


Our Competition Screening lineup can be found below. Click on the show image to be take to it's screening slot! 

This event is part of Film FeelsConnected, a UK-wide cinema season, supported by the National Lottery and BFI Film Audience Network.  Explore all films and events at filmfeels.co.uk



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Nefertiti Holiday: I is a poet

Lucie Browne, James Oliver // UK

This comedy mockumentary introduces us to Nefertiti Holiday: a seemingly street-wise and ambitious Spoken Word Poet who bares her soul to the world, but hides a secret life of privilege.  Nefertiti is smug to be invited onto a radio arts show to share her poetry, alongside a far more successful and talented poet but Nefertiti struggles to keep up her façade in this high-pressure environment.

Right Now

Robert Cawsey // UK

Rob, a gay man in his early 30’s starts to discover the world of online hook-ups for the first time by turning up at complete stranger’s houses for sex.

Detention Adventure

Joe Kicak // CAN

Legend has it that Alexander Graham Bell's secret laboratory containing mysterious treasures is hidden beneath the school, and the entrance is somewhere in the old library - now used as the detention room. Three nerds: Raign, Joy, and Hulk have to do what they've never done before - get in trouble so they can search the detention room for the hidden entrance. The problem: detention is the perpetual home of Brett, the school bully that's always picking on them.

The Square Root.jpg

The Square Root

Misti Boland, Jeremy Osbern // USA

A short form episodic series that explores memory and the small moments that make us who we are. Each chapter focuses on a different character, and each episode takes place during that split second before a character makes the decision that will change their lives forever.

Carpark Clubbing.png

Carpark Clubbing

Sarah Bassiuoni // AUS

With nowhere else to go for fun, three young women from Western Sydney individually try to escape their responsibilities by hanging out in the carpark of a Western Sydney doughnut shop, only to fall into a surprising friendship triangle and a series of outrageous situations. Despite their individual codes, aspirations and baggage, these three young women become an inseparable trio, ready to back each other through life’s curveballs.

Call it a Day.jpg

Call It A Day

Oriane Pick, Rachel Mariam // UK

Meet Amy and Eva, two (very lovely) girls trying to survive their late 20s. Follow Amy and Eva, as they navigate through life with wit, boldness and vulnerability. Sh*t’s about to get weird. And fun. But yeah, mostly weird. So pop the wine, the CBD oil, the lavender candle and take off your bra (or your boxers).

Post Coital.png

Post Coital

Lowell Walker // UK

A web series about love, relationships and the conversations we have after sex. Each episode is set in a bed, and centres on a post coital conversation - from the most intimate, to the most awkward, to the most vulnerable, to the most liberating.

Dead End.jpg

Dead End

Nir Berger // IL

Dead End is an animated comedy web series set in a post-apocalyptic Jerusalem, decimated by a nuclear war. Teenage siblings Yarden and Kineret travel what remains of the city in search of their little brother who went missing. In each episode they encounter the various survivors of what was once Israel, only to find that very little had changed.

The Right Swipe.jpg

The Right Swipe

Kyra Jones, Juli Del Prete // USA

Two best friends, India and Margo, start a business renovating men's dating app profiles. Little do they know how much they'll mess up their own love lives up in the process. The Right Swipe is an intersectional feminist take on the rom-com, exploring how people of marginalized identities find love in the digital age.

All Hail Beth.jpg

All Hail Beth

Misha Calvert // USA

After a lifetime spent on the sidelines, ignored by everyone from her boss to her self-obsessed friends, Beth gives up. The next day, however, she is inexplicably transformed into the Babylonian Goddess Ishtar— and all of New York is suddenly aware of her celebrity status. Over the course of the series, Beth must learn how to manage her power, reclaim her confidence, and find happiness, with a few helpful tips from a fellow Babylonian Goddess.

Mum Listen.jpg

Mum Listen

Jo Smyth, Jodie Tyack // UK

Millennial Josie wants to be the next Deborah Meaden, with Mum as her business partner/therapist. Only problem is Josie is still searching for the big idea that will make them a billion, as well as struggling with the day to day trials and tribulations of being a millennial like hiccups and Spanish omelettes.


Back for Good.jpg


Brett Boon // US

A seductive vampire uses Tinder to hunt for blood, until she meets someone worth the second date. What could possibly go wrong? 

Back for Good

Nick Wild // UK

Boy band MyBad! broke a million teenage hearts when they split up and the intervening years have not been good to Gaz, Davey Dave, Tasty Flava and Stewie. After their previous manager squandered all their money on failed film tax schemes, they are now all officially skint.  So when Marie, pub cleaner and former party planner for adult toy company Abigail Winters, persuades the Fab Four to reform with her as their manager they all have to try and put all their old grudges and years of festering resentment behind them to have one last final crack at stardom. 



Maya Albanese // USA

Joy's dream life crashes and burns on the eve of her 35th birthday, leaving her unexpectedly single at the edge of her "fertility cliff." Now, she must take the plunge into an unpredictable world of nouveau fertility and dating technologies before her biological clock expires. FREEZE satirizes the lives of modern, thirty-something working women and the conflicts they face in an era of unparalleled female choice. 

ANX TAX Thumbnail.JPG

The Anxious Taxidermist

Aurora Florence, Jeff Dickamore // USA

The musical story of Marie, a young woman who uses her secret passion for rogue taxidermy to cope with debilitating anxiety. She needs a job and the opportunity to preserve a Hollywood Has-been's deceased pet Shih tzu may just be the answer. But will taking her art public destroy its power to calm her ever present anxiety?



Stefan Polasek, Jan Woletz // AT

A fantasy/western genre-mix exploring the boundaries of society, ethics, and perceived reality. The respective storylines, brought to life by a diverse cast, examine the potential aspects of inter-- and intrapersonal dilemma and are carefully interwoven to present an intricate bigger picture. The epic story is driven by elements of action, adventure, humor, and horror, as well as sex and violence. A naturalistic approach of the fantasy setting lays the ground for an affecting multi-facetted Hero/ Heroine’s Journey....

Squid Ink.png

Squid Ink

Alex Reinhard // USA

Fresh with useless degrees in palaeontology and theme park management, Shifter turns to the only other skill he picked up in college: gaming. Squid Ink is a 20-minute comedy that follows Shifter and his starry-eyed teammates on a quixotic quest to become professional streamers. But first they will need to escape life in a small town filled with minimum wage jobs, toxic relationships and helicopter parents. 

Don't Tape Over.png

Don’t Tape Over

Ryan Howes, Matthew Skillington, John Patrick & James Lord // UK

We follow Alex as she travels to Glengall - a secretive island somewhere off the coast of Northern England. As she searches for her missing girlfriend, Alex meets the unusual inhabitants of the island and becomes embroiled in an ever-deepening mystery. People have been going missing, the technology appears stuck in the 90s and someone has been making curated VHS tape recordings of old TV shows. The strange thing is, the tapes seem to feature the inhabitants themselves...

The Solution.jpg

The Solution

Alex Kayode-Kay // UK

Rick Ivers is a down on his luck private detective in London trying to make ends meet. Trouble tends to follows him everywhere, as he gets embroiled in a dangerous case involving the Chinese Triads....while trying to deter Erykah, a hyper-intelligent 12 year old girl who wants become a detective.

Little Achillies.jpg

Little Achilles

Sebastian Jansen // GER

Ten-year-old Alex gets his bike stolen by the well-known bully Georg. Alex’s father tries to calm his son’s furiosity about this theft by telling him an epic bedtime story: the story of the Siege of Troy and the Greek hero Achilles. Alex imagines his friends and himself to be part of the story and thus experiences the rise and fall of the great Achilles vividly.

Up & Downs.jpg

Ups and Downs

Eoin Cleland // IRL

A rebellious young man with Down's Syndrome tricks his sister into a crazy road trip to go to a concert, pursued by their mum. With no phones, no money and no plan, can they make it?



Justin Daering // USA

This is a world exactly like ours, except that the wealthy elites are aliens, living and working among us, but with one key difference: they reproduce by implanting their offspring in a human host who raises the alien child as his own. When a blue-collar man is forcibly implanted with his alien boss's parasitic offspring, he asks his wife to help him remove the parasite -- a dangerous and forbidden act that puts their marriage -- and their lives -- at risk.

The World Between Us 1.jpg

The World Between Us

ChunYang Lin // TW

The son of Song Qiao'an, the editorial director of Pin Wei News, was the victim of the undiscriminating murder by killer, Li Xiaoming two years ago. Liu Zhaoguo, the husband of Song, is the founder of the Internet Herald. Going through the difficulties, the couple are filing for a divorce after the death of their son.

Li Xiaoming’s defense attorney, Wang She, is still hoping to understand his criminal motive after Li Xiaoming’s death sentence. His determination then becomes the link between everyone’s  fate…