Game of Thrones Flim Night Binge Watch Line Up!

If you haven't already seen on social media over the last week, our friends at The Flim Night have announced the line up of performers for our epic Game of Thrones Seasons 1-5 binge watch catch up together!

The event will be at Gullivers on Thursday 21st and tickets are £3! There are only around 30 tickets left so be sure to snap them up before they are gone, like all your favourite characters from Westeros! (Too harsh?! Too Soon?)

Tickets here:

Line-Up below the poster:

Season 1

HARRY JELLEY mastermind hostman of FIRST DRAFT, performer of immersive/participatory theatre pieces as part of IORGANIC, 2016 winner of the Hand's Tourney: Jousting and Archery

ROS BALLINGER poet and comedian, performer of stand-up show THE IDIOT'S GUIDE TO KINK, will mercilessly crush anyone who stands in her path to the throne

FAT ROLAND has lots of bits of paper that cause a lot of mess, silly host of BAD LANGUAGE, a brave knight of house Roland

SHE CHOIR super special guests with voices forged of steel and dragon blood; truly, my dudes, they are the best

Season 2

ARTHUR CHAPPELL a popular hero of the land of FLIM, he is all things - poet, maker of laughs, bard

JASMINE CHATFIELD stupid host overlord of FLIM wants to have a go again

STEPHEN CATLING mysterious enigma hailing from the Land of Dronfield, what dark laughs might he bring to Westeros?

Season 3

THOM BEE standup fool, rising like a mighty, hungry dragon on Manchester's comedy scene

LENNI SANDERS mega-cool poet who's supported Steve Roggenbuck, theatremaker with iOrganic, live art's three-eyed maven

Season 4

JULIE BURROW actor and performance artist, lady with a thousand faces, creator of mondo cool/fun/surreal live art

ANTHONY TREVELYAN author of THE WEIGHTLESS WORLD recently longlisted for the Desmond Eliott Prize, scaling the big frozen wall of contemporary fiction

ABI HYNES puppetmaster of FIRST DRAFT, writer of plays, teller of stories, holder of the darkest secrets

Season 5

JOHN KLARK fantastic baffling alternative comedian, would be totally unsurprising if he kept dragons or giant spider wights as pets

KIEREN KING the KING (geddit) of performance poetry and now of Westeros!!! co-founder and host of excellent rowdy poem night EVIDENTLY and slam WORD WAR

DAVE HARTLEY author of recently published SPIDERSEED and many other volumes of fiction, runs SPEAK EASY in stretford as a cover for his many malevolent plots…

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