Charity Partner Spotlight: CBTF & JBA AWARDS

If you work behind the scenes in film, commercial TV and cinema, the CTBF is there to support you through adversity. Being on the other side of the camera doesn't mean you are not seen. At the CBTF you will be seen, heard and protected whatever you face.

Technology has dramatically changed the landscape of film, television and cinemas since the CTBF was established 90 years ago, and their work is now more vital than ever — providing care, advice and financial support to the industry's professionals and their families.

Every year the CTBF provides more than £3 million of support to over 1,000 individuals and their families affected by accidents, illness, bereavement, redundancy or general hardships by providing one-off grants or on-going support as long as it is needed.

The CTBF also runs The John Brabourne Awards - a talent development programme providing financial assistance of between £1000 and £5000 to individuals working behind the scenes in the Film and TV industries.

JBAs provide a stepping stone for individuals who are talented and driven but have faced hurdles in developing their career. Difficulties faced by JBA recipients in the past have included lack of finances, accident and illness. This is not a definitive list and we welcome enquiries to discuss your particular situation prior to application.

More information on the JBAs can be found here

Currently the CTBF is looking to increase awareness of its services in the North West so if you are interested in helping out with North West based awareness and fund raising events please contact or

The CTBF’s National Care Plan (NCP) builds on their tradition of caring for older beneficiaries. The NCP enables those who have worked in the commercial television, film or cinema industries to receive a discount in any Anchor Care Home across the country. What's more, this benefit is available to parents of industry professionals, too. The charity also assist older people and parents of industry professionals who wish to remain living in their own homes.

The Children's Fund looks after the needs of children affected by extreme hardship. The aim is to alleviate some of the financial and emotional strain parents and carers suffer when they are unable to work due to their own infirmity, or because they are looking after a child with severe illness.


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