The Pilot Light Team's Top TV of 2017!

All our favourite shows are wrapping up for the year and the christmas specials are inbound, 2017 is nearly up! It's been an amazing year for us here at Pilot Light and it's also been an amazing year for TV in general. We thought it'd be a great idea to ask around the team at Pilot Light HQ again and see what each of us has had big love for on the small screen this year!

Hit the jump to read our teams top TV picks and thoughts!

Thanks again for all your support this year, 2018 is looking like our biggest year yet!


Greg Walker - Festival Founder & Director

There has been so much great TV this year! This list was so hard to whittle down from close to 50 shows I loved this year. There's some painful omissions such as Red Oaks, Broad City, Better Things, Insecure and Vice Principals to name a few, but here's the ten which really stuck out to me this year!

1. The Leftovers

2. Halt and Catch Fire

3. The Handmaid's Tale

4. Big Little Lies

5. BoJack Horseman

6. Twin Peaks: The Return

7. Master of None

8. Game of Thrones

9. The Deuce

10. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


Daniel Mills - Festival Producer

1. Halt & Catch Fire

2. The Leftovers

3. Master of None

4. The Young Pope

5. Room 101

6. Silicon Valley

7. Catastrophe

8. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

9. Great British Bake-Off

10. Broad City



Adam Jackson - Festival Producer

1. Master of None

2. Blue Planet II

3. Curb Your Enthusiasm

4. South Park

5. Silicon Valley

6. Rick and Morty

7. Ozark

8. F is for Family

9. Peaky Blinders

10. The Handmaid's Tale


Ade Dovey - RAD Screenings Co-Founder

1. Twin Peaks: The Return

2. Mr Mercedes

3. Blue Planet II

4. Mindhunter

5. The Killing

6. Inside No.9

7. The Exorcist

8 Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later

9. Louis Theroux: Dark States

10: Stranger Things 2


Ruth Hannan - Volunteer Manager

1. Outlander

2. Glow

3. Schitt's Creek

4. iZombie

5. The Good Place

6. The Expanse

7. The Deuce

8. UnReal

9. The Handmaid's Tale

10. No Offence


Elisar Cabrera - Web Series Content Manager

1. Twin Peaks: The Return

2. Game of Thrones

3. Line of Duty

4. The Missing

5. Star Trek: Discovery

6. The Crown

7. The Middle

8. The Good Fight

9. The Great British Bake Off

10. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver


Andy Murray - Programmer + Q&A Host

1. Twin Peaks: The Return

In a league, and indeed a world of its own. Quite unlike the original series in many ways and no-one expected it to be this strong. Frankly, it was tempting to just list ten episodes of this. And if you've seen it, you'll know which episode would have come out on top.

2. Doctor Who: Series 10

It's had serious ups and downs in recent years but this was a fine, assured, refreshing run, with World Enough and Time in particular being classic Moffat and outright classic Who.

3. Detectorists

The series hasn't even finished yet but it's going to be almost unbearable to see it go. It's just masterly. One Twitter user suggested that BBC Four should commission a two-hour special that's just the main characters standing in a field detecting and I definitely would watch that. Or indeed a two-hour close-up of Toby Jones' changing facial expressions.

4. Count Arthur Strong

Cruelly cancelled by the BBC, it's not to everyone's tastes but to my mind Count Arthur is just an irresistibly funny character and this has been an unalloyed joy. The John Shuttleworth crossover wasn't the strongest episode but it still had a strange 'Can this really be happening?' frisson.

5. Inside No 9

Pemberton and Shearsmith could probably knock these out in their sleep now but this is always very watchable and it's still capable of generating gems. Years from now, people in pubs will be asking each other, "Do you remember the episode where they all did karaoke / they solved a crossword puzzle / they were fighting over paying a bill?"

6. Stranger Things 2

Was it as good as the first series? No. Is it in danger of running out of steam in subsequent years? Yes. Did I lap up the whole daft confection regardless? Hell yes.

7. The Sound of Musicals with Neil Brand

I'm not even a fan of musicals, but this was so well made, and Brand's such a great presenter, that I genuinely relished watching all three hours of it.

8. Better Call Saul

Its stately pacing is something to relish, and even if it doesn't have too much fuel left in the tank now, this is still a very talented team making quality TV.

9. Brian Pern: A Tribute

One of TV's great comic creations of recent times gets a fitting send-off long before he'd outstayed his welcome.

10. Veep

Possibly it's lost some momentum now that Iannucci has left, but it still has great moments and it could never not be fun to watch this cast together.


Olivia Lennon - Festival Photographer & Graphic Designer

1. The Handmaid's tale

2. The Leftovers

3. Big Little Lies

4. Game of Thrones

5. Blue planet II

6. The Sinner

7. Stranger Things 2

8. Better Things

9. G.L.O.W.

10. Mindhunter


Matthew Chambers - Festival Coordinator


2. The Good Place

3. Legion

4. Mindhunter

5. American Gods

6. Game of Thrones

7. The Punisher

8. Better Call Saul

9. You're The Worst

10. Mr Robot


See you all in 2018, Happy Holidays from everyone at Pilot Light TV Festival & RAD Screenings!

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