Special Events 


PANEL: Creating a British Indie Series

Available via our Digital Festival May 7th-16th

In the UK we have a whole generation of TV talent developing and producing entire series through independent means. Many of these series go onto awards around the world and commissions from broadcasters. We sat down with the creators behind Flatshare, This is Hell, Munchclub, To Be Continued and Tales of The Strange to find out what goes into making an Indie Series or Pilot in the UK. 



PANEL: Creators in the time of COVID

Available via our Digital Festival May 7th-16th

Last year, the entire world was turned upside down thanks to a global pandemic. Due to lockdowns, many TV projects struggled to make it into production; however many creators around the world persevered, either using the pandemic as a basis for storytelling or adapting existing stories for the new world we live in. Join us for this chat with the creators of 4 very different shows made during the pandemic, to find out the how and why of producing TV content in a global crisis. 


Doctor Prisoner Keyimage 07.jpg

PANEL: The Art of the TV Crime Thriller

Available via our Digital Festival May 7th-16th

In recent years, there has been a boom in the pop cultural impact and acquisition of international crime thrillers on TV. We've played more than a handful at the festival ourselves! In this panel we are joined by Marc O. Seng & Andreas Linke (creators of Unbroken), Eui-kyung Hwang (chief producer on Doctor Prisoner) and Oliver Krause (creator of Finders Keepers) to discuss what goes into making these dark tales, and their popularity around the world. 


S6 Key Art.png

Pilot Light TV Festival S6: Award Ceremony

Tune in to our 2021 award ceremony to find our who will take home the Web Series & Pilot awards in addition to our coveted Audience Award!