Marc O. Seng, Andreas Linke // GER

A young policewoman, Alex, is heavily pregnant when she falls victim to an abduction. She wakes up six days later in the middle of a forest. Without any memory. And without her child. The baby has disappeared without a trace. Against all odds and the rest of her world, Alex sets out on a hopeless search for her child....

Finders Keepers.png

Finders Keepers 

Simon Schulz, Oliver Krause // GER

1.4 million Germans are sport shooters - including Nele, Dieter, and Alex. By chance the three of them find a lot of cash in a crashed delivery drone. Their lucky day? Not exactly. As the partners in crime learn that money won't solve everything, a murderously pedantic fellow is now hunting for them. And that is just the beginning...

Doctor Prisoner.png

Doctor Prisoner

Park Kye-ok // KR

Doctor Prisoner is a one-of-a-kind, suspenseful prison medical drama that features Na I-je the best surgeon at one of the largest hospitals in Korea—who volunteered to be the head of a prison’s medical center; The lone wolf I-je soon becomes heavily involved in various schemes and revenge plots against ‘Taegang Corporation’, a huge conglomerate in Korea.

Slayed by Divya.png

Slayed by Divya

Ni Belete // USA

A dramedy in which a young mobile hairstylist who is struggling to launch her hair brand lands a star client who delivers an unexpected surprise.

A Float.png

A Float

Louise Silverio, Médéric de Watteville // FR

72 year-old Michèle boards on a cruise ship with the firm intention of bringing her childhood friend Martine back on the land. She’s worried by her frivolous spending of her savings and health. But nothing will go as planned thanks to a lost suitcase and a surprise karaoke…

AIP-12 copie.png

Alice in Paris 

Alysse Hallali , Thibaud Paul Martin  // FR

Alice is a young woman living in Paris, passionate about food and the culinary arts. She desperately wants to enter the gastronomy scene, and she wants to do it with a splash. Alice and her friends will make you experience Paris in a way you've never seen before.



Jose Luis Ruiz, Juan Carlos Helu // MX

Serena is at the top of the music world, but she feels her inner demons taking control; out of instinct she seeks help from family and friends as she tries to pull away from the industry that gave her everything. Nearby a tormented painter named Alec struggles to find a reason to keep life going. What disaster might ensue should their paths cross?

Lower East Asides.png

Lower East Asides 

Steve Becker // USA

A scrappy music producer & a jaded club manager guide an eclectic group of rock star wannabes on the problematic road to stardom on the Lower East Side of NYC. It’s Shameless meets Smash with all original music. Based on the film Manhattan Minutiae, it shows the off-stage antics of rock & rollers are often more entertaining than onstage performance.



Bryan Santiago // USA

Jessica stumbles upon the sleepy town of Grafton to ask for directions home at a quaint cafe. She is awestruck when she learns from a few peculiar patrons that her hometown does not exist. Upon presenting her ID as proof of residence, she discovers her name is actually Paula Weldon and she lives with her husband Clifford Weldon right there in Grafton...

Agatha's Casefiles.png

Agatha’s Case Files: Queen of Diamonds

Grigory Zhikharevich // RU

She is an aspiring young fraud. He is a thoughtful, non-traditional thinking detective. How will their duel end? Full of adventurous intrigue, murders, mysticism and maybe, love?

Tale of The Strange.png

Tales of The Strange 

Gareth Molan // UK

Tales of the Strange is a mockumentary anthology series. Each episode focuses on a different story of the "strange". All of of them are inspired by bizarre hoaxes. The series is presented as if the events depicted had actually occurred in real life. The pilot episode is called 'The Apeman of the Amazon'. It recounts the story of a strange creature who was discovered in the Amazon rainforest in 1937.



M. Rowan Meyer // USA

Adrian Irons - a razor-witted, bisexual, self destructive standardized patient at a NYC teaching hospital, uses his ability to recreate the symptoms of any disease to help train medical students. Things get messy, however, when the symptoms start to stick.



Harold Eric // USA

Five twenty-somethings become lost while on a road trip to a weekend getaway due to their navigator’s alcohol-fueled gross negligence. As a result, they are no longer destined for sunshine and pool time. Rather, they are relegated to life in a small, peculiar town filled with inhabitants who hold mysterious beliefs, strange traditions, and a determination to burn them at the stake.


NOC - Non-Official Cover

Alex Swift, Ian Voglesong, Joel Brady // USA

Richie Jones is a down on his luck actor living in Brooklyn. Barely making ends meet as a waiter, his life is quickly going nowhere when he is approached by agents Martin and Karla with an offer that seems too good to be true. As is often the case, Richie finds himself in over his head and he must decide how far he’s willing to go to achieve his dreams.



Charlie Hunter // UK

And now, for a totally sideways cooking experience! Guests joining Munchclub always share a profession and for the pilot we welcome three prominent UK Grime/Hiphop artists. Chef/Host Nyasha Sakutukwa prepares three courses for three guests and one tantalising conversation. An original format developed by Charlie Hunter.

The Real Greatest Showmen.png

The Real Greatest Showmen

Tippy Watson // UK

This is a ringside seat, and a backstage pass to the UK’s biggest touring circus. With exclusive access to a traditionally closed-door community during their first summer season on the road, we follow the extraordinary lives and endearing personal stories of the daredevil performers in an extreme circus. We find out why this multi-cultural cast would choose to put their lives on the line every day and we lift the curtain on what really happens with a big show on the road.

Sorry we missed you.png

Sorry We Missed You

Craig Bettendorf // USA

Every day people are born and every day people die. What we’re able to accomplish in our relatively short lives can have a profound effect on others and even on society and the world. These are the stories of some of those who contributed greatly to the world and for whatever reason aren’t front-of-mind in our collective consciousness. The pilot episode focuses on professor John Boswell, whose work helped shape societies greater acceptance LGBT people in many profound ways.