Metta De Fein.png

Metta da fein

Carlo Beer, Urs Berlinger // CH

Wonderfully monotonous peace reigns in the most beautiful village in the world until farm animals with severed legs are frequently discovered. The small community is thrown into turmoil. While some villagers believe in an old cruel legend, the local policeman Aldo tries to solve the mysterious case. The brutal murders start to increase - and with them the distrust of the villagers.

This is Hell.png

This is Hell

Sarah Livingstone & Laura Waldren // UK

Sally & Mel have been best friends since school and have wasted the better part of their youth coasting along doing Sweet FA. Just when things seem to be on the up, a sudden bereavement throws their lives into chaos and tests the limits of their friendship to breaking point. This Is Hell is a darkly comic drama about female friendship, isolation and the brutal reality of grief and how we deal with it.



Martijn Winkler // NL

In a nerve-racking - scientifically based - climate change thriller, we follow various characters in a residential neighbourhood of a city plagued by an all-consuming heat wave. Faster than they deemed possible, they are fighting for their lives against the brutal heat, while at the same time rediscovering the value of humanity in times of hopelessness. 

Fight The Tower.png

Fight The Tower

Christopher McGill // UK

A late night video call sets Gerry on a path towards 5G terrorism, as his paranoiac lockdown dreams of helicopters and telecommunication towers fill his days and nights.

Here I Come.png

Here I Come

Andrey Fenochka & Liza Simbirskaya  // RU

Roma is Russian-Armenian. He is studying to be a lawyer but does not want to be a lawyer, he tells his parents that he goes to college, but he works in a pizzeria, he tells a friend that he likes a girl, but this is not true. Once he meets a boy called Lesha, everything in life takes on meaning: study, friendship, relationships with relatives and friends.

Slo Pitch.png

Slo Pitch

Karen Knox, Gwenlyn Cumyn // CAN

Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Will Lose. Long suffering and overly invested Coach Joanne attempts to take her terrible team in an even worse beer league all the way to the championships. What’s on the line? Absolutely nothing. Well, beer. Warm beer. And bragging rights.

Russian Cyberpunk Farm.png

Russian Cyberpunk Farm

Sergey Vasiliev // RU

They say that Russia is a technologically backwards country, there are no roads, robotics do not develop, rockets do not fly, and mail takes too long. In this series which is part Tales from The Loop, part The Office, this sentiment is imaginatively disproven.

Loving Captivity.png

Loving Captivity

Libby Butler, Lewis Mulholland // AUS

A single mum reluctantly agrees to iso-date a flirt-machine via video calls who dumped her before the world changed.

The Deal.png

The Deal 

Stuart Black, George Felner // UK

Jenny is having a bad birthday - it's freezing cold, her boyfriend is cheating on her and now a dodgy dealer is trying to rip her off. Someone will have to pay for this...

Fry Up.png


Jonathan Rio // FR

Thirty years ago, Archibald created his famous food van and wants to pass it on. His niece Éléna dives headlong into the business. Determined to innovate to revive the friterie's fortunes, each day she comes up with a far-fetched, chaotic idea to shake her uncle out of a rut. A clash of personalities, worlds, and generations...a recipe that never fails to sizzle!



James Barber // UK

An LGBT series that follows the trials and tribulations of four housemates living in Peckham.


To Be Continued

Becky Edmunds // UK

In 1998, a cardboard box full of diaries was found in a pile of rubbish. To Be Continued is a documentary web series that uses archive footage to bring Dick Perceval’s story to life.

Wild World.png

Wild World: Doorstep Discoveries 

Nina Constable // UK

Created during lockdown with zero budget, this series explores the often overlooked nature on our doorsteps across the UK and celebrates the healing power of nature when we all need it most. The series is a collaboration of aspiring and established filmmakers, conservationists and biologists encouraging a sense of community despite the restrictions we are all facing.

Another Time.png

Another Time, With Paul

Elena Saurel  // UK

A short comedy documentary series starring Paul (the directors father), a 78 year old, recently widowed, American white privileged male. In each episode they exchange generational perspectives on polarising topics through conversation and educational games.

Freedom Farm Sanctuary.png

Freedom Farm Sanctuary

Taliya Finkel // IL

A heartwarming factual delve into the relationships between ‘imperfect’ farm animals and Freedom Farm Sanctuary's special volunteers, some with their own so called imperfections.