web series shuffle

This block is dedicated to the diversity of content in web series, from hard hitting docs like Zyara to craft beer based comedy like Brewstars! 

Young & Reckless

Country: Canada

Episode Length: 5 mins

Creator: Andrea Shawcross, Devon Ferguson

Festival Premiere

Slacker Devon Young has found the woman of his dreams: the Camaro-driving ad exec living across the street. Now he will to do anything to win her heart, battling her 13-year-old daughter, the teen of his nightmares.


Country: Lebanon

Episode Length: 5 mins

Director: Muriel Aboulrouss

"Zyara" is a series of poeticized portraits featuring people living in Lebanon. In it's second season Zyara chooses to highlight Lebanese people with physical or mental challenges. People who succeeded in transcending their disability and kept going for the love of life.


Country: Canada

Episode Length: 10 mins

Creator: Ryan Curtis

Festival Premiere

Teetering on the verge of bankruptcy a craft brewery’s fortune is changed after a tweet from the world’s foremost beer aficionado “accidentally” names their beer the best in the world.

Out With Dad

Country: Canada

Episode Length: 10 mins

Creator: Jason Leaver

A teenage girl and her single father. Rose is coming of age and coming out of the closet. All he wants is for her to be happy, and out with Dad.

Tinder is the Night

Country: USA

Episode Length: 11 mins

Creator: Misha Calvert

World Premiere

Inspired by real events, Tinder is the Night chronicles the online dating adventures of Eddie and her three girlfriends in New York City.

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